Dom’s Birthday Jam

On Sunday we celebrated our drummer Dom’s birthday by having a Jam at Name this bar on Oxford st.
Its been about 4 years since I attended a jam night and admittedly I felt a little old and out of my comfort zone…but that only lasted about 5 mins.
It was nice to come out on my night off – have a drink (or 6) and be around my fellow musicians who are so passionate that they would come out on a sunday night after a week of back to back gigging and still want to pick up that instrument or mic and make noise – no pay, no free drinks, no perks just musos doing what they love best, for the hell of it…

The Love Jonez Crew were all there representing (apart from kuki – we missed ya bro) and played a couple of songs – gosh we took em to church with “Shackles” and thanks Denchy for the 6 key changes on “Love on top”…  Tameka your interpretation of mmmbop was inspiring lol – so yes we can be friends on facebook, deva you are still a monster on the stix, marley – say my name, say my name and kristen i’m sorry this old lady thought you were someone else (oops)  Veena you always know where im gonna go with my adlibs and always there to harmonise – its like you know me lol!!!

In all seriousness it was great to see so much support for our younger up and coming stars.  Jam nights provide a chance for those who dont get to gig to get up and be apart of the live scene and practise something that no school can teach in a supportive and non-judgemental environment.  We need to be putting on more of them…and us pros (or as some call us “veterans”) we need to start showing up more so to encourage and even learn from the fresh talent – scouted a few great musos last night and i’m keen to catch another session soon..

Dom – Happy Bithday!! we hope you had a wonderful night and that this year brings great things for you.
You really are amazing and LJ are lucky to have you



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